Night collages

In the city at night millions of dreams are born. The beauty of the places we pass is rhythmic and sophisticated. There is so much ambiguity in these pulsating colors and sounds. Suddenly mystery appears, beyond our reach and is slipping away. You have to catch it quickly and keep it for yourself.
I am constantly surrounded by joyful noise of colors, short explosions of advertisements and this extraordinary energy of light that pierces through everything. This eerie city full of glowing dots sticks to my eyes. The light is constantly rushing, it creates unreal moments.
Colors are dancing around me. They widens and narrows, keeps pulsating with its only known code. Sometimes everything seems to spin in tiny waves, splashing into thousands of tiny dots. This pressure of light paints its own landscape. The heat of interpenetrating sources of pulsating light creates electrified fields that live in their perfect space, full of lines and patterns. The madness of colors and lines create an almost sound landscape. The space in front of me – full of strange shades, breaks the barrier of reality again. Twisted lines, moving points with high intensity of light, fury of colors – these are almost the limits of knowing the seen world. I imagine a starry galaxy spinning in front of me. As you get closer to it, it gains speed. In the photo, this mystery is immortalized only in proportions known to them.
While traveling, we are in the process of missing. Piece by piece, we reach the inner truth of specific ritual of seeing. Each adventure is not only a beautiful experience – it is also a mystery. The evolution of perceiving reality contained therein is a contractual act of our being between Heaven and Earth, in a life that is a continuous journey.


I treat photography as incredible tool for  free creating.
I use photos in painterly convention because it creates unlimited coloristic and formal possibilities.
It  gives viewer an illusion of being inside of mysterious theatre.
To improve on that technique opens a new doors into domain.
Color in my photography, like in paintings is a dominant factor and vector balance between form and merit.
Emotions of the colors are related to the poetry of this medium.
Composition and endless variety  of colors depends on sensitivity of my compositions.
Despite my photography resembles painterly approach still  it differs from painting and create it’s own world.
Very often we observe the world and can not connect with our knowledge about it, to attribute to that vision meaningful sense.
That’s why  depiction of the world has to happen exclusively  via senses.
In my case the act of creation is related to lyricism.
To curb this unbounded world of images we have to create images – revelations.
My photography dissects  and annihilate reality replacing it with new visions. They ignite my imagination and allow me to get close to the essence of Creation.


Human senses are pathways to know outside world .
Picture absorbed by senses is a result of intricate physiological and physical process.
Between us and the world there is vast landscape of senses  allowing us to absorb reality with their interpretation .
Photograph in that sense is reflection of reality , in which we live , which we can discover ,change but from which we can not abandoned because we  can not exist apart from it.
Only way to run away from that paradigm is an escape into our imagination or thinking process. That’s where we entering the sphere of the symbols.
In order to create symbolic  space we have to superimpose visible picture on physical space and twisted that space the way that will become a new space.
My photos relate to free imagination which create symbols of perceiving and understanding reality. Created forms made of interplay of light and shadow built their own reality.
Light is the most important ingredient. Thus light creates new lines brings the rhythm of planes , underlines poetry of the picture as well it’s symbolism and uniqueness.
The beauty of photography is based on right visual choice with literal and musical context.
I am inspired by classical photography – Man Ray , A. Langdon-Coburn, Josef Sudek, A. Kertesz, L. Moholy-Nagy and Witkacy .
Those masters were introverting and imaginary.
I love the way they treated light and shadow  as well their incredible visual imagination.
Art helps our consciousness to perceive  reality by giving us variety of images. It allows to discover new worlds standing on the shoulders the old ones.